About Us

My mother always told me that it is better to buy one quality clothing item than ten plastic ones.

It has never been more obvious than now to take care of nature, our body, and our soul. Now, when consumerism has become so popular, which had filled our beautiful planet full of plastic and trash. 


To this day when I visit my parents I wear my mom’s clothes, which she has had for over 30 years. High quality and still fashionable.  

This is what drove me to create my brand. I live this credo and wanted to build a brand around them. 



My 6 rules: 


1. Take care of nature. Always. We use only natural material in every piece of clothing, including packaging. 

2. Take care of my body. It is so important to take care of your body inside and outside too. Eating natural food, enjoying exercising, and wearing natural clothes. After living in Asia for over 13 years I learned how important it is to wear natural clothes that breathes comfortably, is good for my skin, and just as important, feels good to wear.

3. Quality over quantity. Create a true production company out of a robust quality program. This makes sure that my customers will have items that they can wear forever. 

4. Clothes for every occasion. We are busy and have busy lives. We want to wear quality clothes for special days, or every day. You can find a full selection with our brand.   

5. Think of others. Better to give than to receive. I want to take care of everyone who has a part in my brand, whether they made it, sell it, or wear it, it is more important to feel good. You feel good, you're happy. That’s how we know we are doing something great. 

6. Be unique. Fashion changes every season, I strongly believe that all of us are unique and we are unique because of who we are. Our Charm. Our Character. Our Capriciousness. No, fashion will not make you special, because you are already special. But if you feel happy and joyful in our clothes, then we have succeeded together. Wear what makes you happy. 



I don’t believe in the saying that you can’t change the world. I believe that we each, individually, can do the small things that will make the world better. Make the world cleaner. And make people happier. For us. For our children. And for future generations. But it all starts with yourself.  

I hope that when you purchase our special clothes from Kepasa it will bring you joy and happiness.


❤ All items are made with love.